Welcome to Shamrock Foods Foodservice Warehouse

Welcome to Shamrock Foods Foodservice Warehouse. We know food. Our warehouse stores provide a large variety of quality products, with more than 7,000 items in stock. Hundreds of our items are locally grown and processed in the communities we serve. Whether you have a bulk order or just need to pick up a few items to get you through the week, we are your friendly neighborhood, onestop foodservice resource.

Shamrock Foodservice Warehouse

Grand Opening Offers

April 27 - May 10, Denver Store Only

  • Eggs Medium AA USDA

    Silverbrook Medium Eggs Flat AA USDA 15dz, #1030281

  • Frying Oil ZTF

    Copper Valley Soybean Clear Oil, #1950601

  • High Oleic Canola Clear Fry Oil

    XTREME High Oleic Canola Oil, #3574081

  • AP H&R Flour

    Conagra AP H&R Flour 50 lb, #3707001

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