You name the beverage – water, soda, tea, juice, and coffee – Shamrock stocks it. Bottom line: Beverages are profitable to our customers and why we carry a huge variety of beverage products. Hot, cold, fresh-squeezed or from concentrate; we want you to find the beverages you need to squeeze every last drop out of your margins.


We hand-select our beans from the most desired regions around the world. Coffee is a staple of any restaurant and office, and few things bring a smile to a customer’s face like a good cup of Joe. For you, good coffee is a profitable path to repeat business. For the office, coffee is a great way to keep employees happy. Our blend masters work hard to ensure premium, robust taste in our coffee selection whether it’s flavored coffee, espresso or cappuccino! We also carry creamers, stirrers, sweeteners and all the goodies that make coffee delicious.

Juices & Drinks

Shamrock Foods provides a full range of juice and flavored drink options in a variety of packaging. Whether it’s 100% Valencia orange juice from Florida in a handy dispenser or ready-to-serve cranberry juice cocktail in plastic, we have your needs covered.

Shamrock Foods also offers a full range of bar mixes and bases to satisfy any application need.

Bag in Box (BIBs)

Shamrock carries the right mix BIB products to meet the needs of your restaurant. We carry a large variety of BIBs including, Monin and Torani brand flavored beverage syrups.

Largest variety of Monin flavored beverage syrups (over 100 flavors).

Largest variety of Torani flavored beverage syrups (over 100 flavors).


Milk is a Shamrock specialty and you’ll find a variety of regular and flavored Shamrock Farms milks, in many convenient sizes. We have gallon milks, Calcium Plus Milks, Organic Milks and specialty products like Eggnog. We also carry Rockin’ Refuel, a protein fortified flavored milk designed to help your athletic customers recover after exertion. All shipped fresh directly from Shamrock farm. If you need milk, you’ve come to the right place.


We want the world’s most popular beverage to be your most profitable one. Tea is a refreshing and healthy alternative to soda. You can count on us to carry a large combination of teas and flavors – black, green, favored, imported, hot and cold – to wow your customers and add very palatable margins to your beverage sales.

Variety in Packaging

Full line of options from single serve to gallons, plastic, aseptic, bag-in-box (BIB), cartridges, pouches, cups, cans, glass, and jugs. Whether for takeaway or high-speed delivery, we offer smart solutions for front and back of the house to drive your beverage sales. Our sizes are perfect for any club or organization too.

Variety in Form

Frozen, refrigerated, dry, single strength to concentrate, powdered to liquid, whole beans, liquid or ground, Shamrock Foods has the ideal product in the form you require to increase sales.