We know dairy. Shamrock Farms is the largest dairy in the Southwest. Quality and freshness are hallmarks of all our dairy products. Our farm has 10,000 cows and ensures farm-to-table freshness and quality. Local farm-fresh ingredients, combined with rigid quality standards and state-of-the-art processing will ensure your satisfaction and your customers’.


You’ll find many choices of creamy Shamrock Farms butter, from single-serve pads to value sizes, making it easy to serve as an accompaniment to bread or use as an ingredient.

Cottage Cheese

Our award-winning cottage cheese is delightfully creamy and consistently fresh. It’s an ideal salad-bar staple or a great option for guests seeking a low-carb substitute.

Cream Cheese

Our cream cheese has a delightful farm-fresh taste and a silky smooth creaminess that is perfect as a spread or in baking. And it comes in a range of sizes, from condiment portions to loaves.


Our fresh shell eggs are locally sourced to maintain farm-fresh quality, with a USDA AA Grade.

Ice Cream

The advantage of owning our own farm is that our ice cream is particularly rich and tasty. The warehouse is stocked with assorted ice cream flavors in assorted sizes, including 3-gallon tubs of Shamrock Farms ice cream. Please share! You will find standard ice cream and assorted frozen novelties such as ice cream sandwiches, frozen pops, nutty cones, bullet pops, root beer pops and more.

Half and Half

Quality and taste give our rich half-and-half a very full flavor. It is a popular coffee whitener or an ingredient in your favorite dish. State-of-the-art processing ensures farm-fresh flavor with extended shelf life; plastic re-sealable bottles are convenient to pour and store.

Heavy Whipping Cream

Our Heavy Whipping Cream is specially formulated for the demanding nature of food service. Real dairy gives our creams distinct gourmet taste and richness. You can count on Shamrock Farm’s Heavy Whipping Cream for consistent quality, texture, flavor and performance.


We carry tasty Shamrock Farms mmmmilk® in a gallon value size, perfect for milk as a cooking ingredient. On-the-go (single serve) bottles fit well in upright refrigerators, cafeteria food lines and can be served on the table. The Extended Shelf Life (90 days of code life) facilitates distribution logistics and means less waste for you. Some of our delicious flavors include white, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

Rockin’ Refuel®

Rockin’ Refuel® is the first-of-its-kind protein fortified, flavored milk – designed to help athletes build and rebuild muscles. For more information, go to www.rockinrefuel.com

Sour Cream

Our fresh ingredients are blended in an award-winning recipe that will stand up to the demands of the foodservice industry including heat lamps.

Dairy Experts

We are known for the freshness of our dairy. Shamrock built its business in dairy and knows the dairy category extremely well. Shamrock Farms, a division of Shamrock Foods, has been manufacturing and distributing dairy products for close to a century. All our dairy products are richer, creamier and have that farm-fresh taste, guaranteed.