Frozen Foods

Frozen food provides many convenient benefits: year-round availability, consistency, high quality and low cost. Shamrock has a large inventory of frozen foods including premium brands such as Shamrock Brands, Bountiful Harvest®, Culinary Secrets®, Katy’s Kitchen, and national brands. We offer a complete variety of frozen products at a great value to meet your diverse needs and deliver satisfaction.

Frozen Bakery and Desserts

Bread, rolls, pastries, cakes, pies and pizza crusts, we offer everything from basic elements to elegant gourmet dessert creations.

Frozen Fruit and Vegetables

Our fruit and vegetable items have been picked at the peak of flavor and are an outstanding choice for all manner of applications.

Frozen Potatoes

We can help you diversify your menu with an array of shapes, flavors and forms of America’s most popular vegetable.

Hash browns, baked potatoes, potato salad, tater tots, potato pancakes, and more. If you love potatoes, treat yourself to a trip down to our warehouse.

Frozen Entrees and Portion-Control Protein Products

We offer fully prepared entreés including soups and chilis to add variety and convenience to any menu.

Frozen Egg Items

Whole eggs, scrambled egg blends and fully cooked omelets with the quality and value you demand.

Frozen Appetizers

We carry all the favorites to complete an appetizer menu: from upscale appetizers like Spanakopita, to more traditional items like cheese sticks, zucchini, mushrooms, onion rings, stuffed peppers and more.