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Groceries & Dry Goods

Check the items off your grocery list, one high-quality product at a time. Our aisles are stocked with the goods you need to create the perfect meal. You will find only premium ‘kitchen essentials” in stock. Our commitment to you: We will provide a variety of dry goods and grocery products to fulfill your special requirements and your pantry, including dry and canned goods, dressings, condiments, sauces, chips, ice cream cones and toppings, and more.

Dry Goods

At Shamrock you’ll find the kitchen essentials for the pantry: flour, sugar, honey, toppings, and more. The key ingredients you use every day to create delicious, homemade-tasting meals for your customers.

Fruits and Vegetables

Bountiful Harvest®: Celebrate canned fruits and vegetables from the farmland of the Americas. Shamrock Foods demands the consistency and quality that allow you to confidently move these products from the package to the stove to the plate.

Oils and Shortenings

Shamrock operates its own oil processing plant, allowing us to provide unique blends of oils at greater value to customers. Our great-tasting oils contain high-quality ingredients and are sold under a variety of Shamrock Foods special labels such as Villa Frizzoni® and Aspen Gold. Look for them. They won’t disappoint.

Premium Italian Products

We carry premium, high-quality Italian branded products including, veal, imported cheese and pasta, tomatoes and oils – the building blocks of your signature Italian cuisine. We also carry the staple Italian products such as pizza toppings, frozen pasta dinners and domestic pasta, peppers and olives, with a focus on value for any operator serving Italian dishes.

Spices and Seasonings

Enjoy the most amazing flavors from around the world: spices, herbs and seasonings that will tickle the palates of your customers.