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Meat, Poultry & Seafood

You can taste the quality in every bite of our meat, poultry and seafood selections. We also happen to be experts in center of plate offerings. We have our own meat processing plant to ensure our products exceed the highest standards and meet the USDA’s inspection requirements. Our stringent criteria guarantee the absolute freshest and highest quality meat products, at the best prices.


Top Beef Selections

All beef is 100% Real Beef and USDA Certified.

Special Order – For portion control protein products, meat is trimmed and cut to specifications.

Gold Canyon: Gold Canyon Gourmet Angus earns its position at the center of the plate. With a flavor that is unmistakably juicy, tender and delicious, it consistently tastes great, every single time, guaranteed. Gold Canyon Gourmet Angus uses only upper two-thirds USDA Choice beef selected from a superior supply of quality Angus cattle, and we handcraft it to order, according to your specifications, cut after succulent cut.

Delicious gourmet flavor every time, guaranteed.

You can always rely on Gold Canyon Gourmet Angus to keep your customers coming back for more. In fact, if you’re not satisfied with our premium-aged Angus beef as delivered—or your customers aren’t pleased after tasting it cooked correctly to order—we’ll replace it, no questions asked. We stand behind our gourmet Angus, confident your customers will Taste the Gold Standard difference, and choose it over and over again.

To be verified Gold Canyon Gourmet Angus, our beef must meet some of the tightest quality specs in the beef industry for superior taste, tenderness and juiciness:

  • All cattle are qualified as Angus according to our USDA G Schedule
  • All cattle are quality graded upper two-thirds USDA Choice. The Minimum grading score is Modest 00 or higher.
  • All cattle are “A” maturity
  • Dressed cattle weights are 1,000 pounds or less
  • The rib-eye size is 10 to 16 inches
  • No dark cutters are allowed
  • The hump must not exceed two inches in height
  • Muscling scores must be moderate or higher
  • Product of the U.S.

Sterling Silver: Hand-selected cuts from the upper two-thirds of Choice and Prime meet or exceed the most rigorous marbling standards in the industry. Only one in five of Choice or higher cattle meet these quality requirements.

SRF American Kobe Beef: A cross between the Japanese Wagyu and American Black Angus. Superior marbling score to USDA Prime. This beef can be cut with a butter knife and has flavor that will delight your palate.

Angus Pride: Premium beef, consistently tender, juicy and rich with flavor; truly the gold standard for Angus beef.

Hamburger Patties – frozen only


Chicken and Seafood Selections

Chicken – Frozen chicken wings and thighs

Seafood – We offer a variety of seafood selections including Norwegian seafood, Surimi, steaks and fillets, scallops, tiger shrimp, gulf shrimp and breaded shrimp. And, we are proud to feature the Hidden Bay Seafood brand.


Center of Plate Satisfaction Guaranteed

Shamrock employs highly trained, experienced professional meat cutters and packers at our USDA cutting facility. By owning our own meat manufacturing facility, we guarantee the best cuts.